welcome to "Hana no Ki"

The Hana no Ki Association

The Oda Kominka "Hana no Ki" Saisei Hozon no Kai:
An Association for the Preservation and Renewal of "Hana no Ki",
a traditional style Japanese house in Oda, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan

January 2013 Event Schedule

We warmly welcome foreign friends to join us in our activities at "Hana no Ki"!

Are you interested in experiencing Japanese culture at a traditional-style Japanese house, built in the 19th century, in the peaceful environs of Oda (小田) village? Our association has members of all ages, from their 20s to their 80s, working together harmoniously to repair and revitalize this beautiful kominka (古民家) "old common people's dwelling".

We also sponsor various events at "Hana no Ki" (華の幹), all of which are held with no entry fee. We are looking for more friends to join us. Please contact oda-hananoki@hotmail.co.jp for more information.

January 19 (Saturday)

Oda district Dondoyaki!

Dondoyaki (どんど焼き) is a ceremony traditionally held in the middle of January when people gather to burn their used New Years decorations, such as kadomatsu (門松) pine and bamboo decorations placed at the house entrance, as well as omamori (お守り) good luck charms and similar items from shrines and temples and darumas (だるま) which have served their purpose. In the Oda version of the ceremony, we build small huts and yagura (scaffolds) out of green bamboo, straw, and cedar (sugi 杉) or cypress (hinoki 檜) branches, and burn them together with the New Years decorations and kakihajime (書き始め), calligraphy composed on New Years Day. It is said that if you eat the mochi (rice cakes 餅) roasted over this fire, you will be protected throughout the year from illness or calamity.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Oda Dondonyaki ceremony! You will hear the boom of fireworks, set off at the site of the Oda Castle ruins (小田城址).

Time: 10AM - 6PM

Parking: At the Oda Castle site (ask for "Oda-joushi" 小田城址).

Our Hana no Ki members will head out from the kominka to participate in the ceremony by offering refreshments such as amazake (sweet fermented rice drink 甘酒), oden (おでん),and roasted oysters.


We urge one and all to join us at the amazing and powerful Dondonyaki ceremony!

On the following day,

January 20 (Sunday)

Our members will take part in an event at the Tsukuba International Congress Center (Epochal Tsukuba), located in the center of the Tsukuba Science City (http://www.epochal.or.jp/eng/index.html).

The Hana no Ki Association has been chosen in the first round of designated activities by the Ibaraki Mirai Foundation (http://www.ibaraki-mirai.org/).

The Ibaraki Mirai Foundation supports activities by NPOs and volunteer organizations directed toward enhancing the future of Ibaraki Prefecture and its residents. Sustained by donations from citizens and businesses, it provides financial support under the general auspices of the NPO Commons (http://www.npocommons.org/).

The NPO Commons system is designed so that citizens and private companies can designate which activities of which groups their contributions go to support, and can also directly observe what results their contributions have realized. In return, contributions through the Ibaraki Mirai Foundation are tax free.

The Hana no Ki Association has been chosen a a designated activity of the Ibaraki Mirai Foundation, under this rubric:

The Hana no Ki Association seeks to pass on to the next generation as a living legacy Ibaraki's remaining kominka, bringing kominka to life as a place where people can come together and carry out various activities. We envision a place which brings people together through the transmission of Ibraraki's traditional culture, a place to experience the original Ibaraki, a hometown that children can be proud of, a place for living in communion with nature. By preserving and revivifying the splendid traditional atmosphere of Ibaraki's remaining kominka, we seek also to bring a ray of vitality to farming villages, threatened by declining populations. Our specific current objective is to build a base for this type of activity.

We have already received many requests, such as

"We would like you to keep the kominka open every day"

"We would like you to operate a cafe every day"

"We would like you to become a welcome center for vistors to the Oda Castle ruins and Houkyou san" (the mountain behind Oda village next to Mt. Tsukuba, site of hiking trails and the ruins of a Heian period temple and nunnery)

In order to meet these requests, in particular to receive certification from the Board of Health for operating a cafe every day, we must first of all update plumbing and toilet facilities. Our initial objective is to raise funds for this purpose as well as to support our ongoing activities.

The Ibaraki Mirai Foundation Festa 2013 (いばらき未来基金フェスタ2013) will be held on January 20, 2013 to provide the 9 organizations chosen in the foundation's first cycle to publicize their activities and to enable to foundation to itself to make its mission known to the public.

Here is a breakdown of the Festa events.

Ibaraki Mirai Foundation Festa 2013

- Learn, Play, Shine through Giving -

Date: January 20 (Sunday) 2013, 10AM - 4PM

Place: Tsukuba International Congress Center (Epochal Tsukuba) Multipurpose Hall (つくば国際会議場 多目的ホール)

Admission: Free

Daycare: Available (daycare corner provided)

Activities will include workshops (some free, some with admission required), and sale of refreshments by participating groups and commercial vendors. Those who make donations will receive a leaf-shaped ballot, which they can use to vote for their favorite group in a "Donation Game".


Part 1 11AM~ Commemorative speech by actor Watanabe Toru "Changing the future with

the spirit of challenge"

Part 2 12:30AM~ NPO presentations by each group

Part 3 Workshops (each individual NPO group explains its objectives and activities

through hands-on classrooms, craft sales, therapy activities; at the same time

various shows take place on the stage.

Part 4 3PM~ Finale

Sponsors: Ibaraki Mirai Foundation Festa 2013 Organizing Committee, Ibaraki Prefecture,

Ibaraki Shinbun, Pal System Ibaraki, Ibaraki University Institute of Regional

Studies, Ibaraki NPO Center Commons, Ibaraki Mirai Foundation Working


The Hana no Ki Association will have its own individual booth. We will sell handmade "Hana no Ki goods", foods (churros (yum!), turkey, fried potatoes curry rolls), and offer such activities as
•stained glass making (hand mirrors, picture stands)
•photo exhibition
•wooden toy making
•aroma candle making
•leaf weaving craft
•art therapy

(activities subject to change).

Meanwhile, on stage, we will present

•African drum show
•crystal bowls
•healing music performance
•instrumental performance
•Yosakoi dancers

(performances subject to change)

We expect a full and lively day of activities, and we invite one and all to join us!

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